Jill Kismet Omnibus book review

Book: The Jill Kismet Omnibus

Author: Lilith Saintcrow

The Jill Kismet series is a fun urban fantasy read. Found in the snow by a hunter, Jill is trained how to combat the denizens of hell, Hellbreed, and those that trade with them. I have previously read some of the Anita Blake books and the Dresden Files, so this series is not a re-invention of the wheel, but it is a good read with fun characters. Even though it does not deal with the typical monsters found in urban fantasy, I think most people will be able to get into the book. The only common element are the “weres” of every variety that work cooperatively with the hunters. Before the events of the series, Jill had made a deal with the chief Hellbreed of Santa Luz, Perry.  A deal to make her more than human but also keep the big bad in her life. The first five books in this series are really good, and the last book is also good, but feels very different than the others. It seems that it was written just to provide a better ending than the fifth book would have.

Decision: If you are a fan of urban fantasy, the Jill Kismet series is for you. There are six novels in this collection.

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