The Expendables meet C’thulhu

Did I just grab your attention with that title?  Good.   Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International (MHI) series is definitely Expendables meeting the world of Lovecraft with lots of other monsters thrown in for good measure.

The MHI series takes place in a world where the governments of the world cover up the existence of monsters and other dimensional beings.  While the government has the Monster Control Bureau, there is a private sector of organizations that hunt and destroy these monsters for bounties, also offered by the governments of the world.  Monster Hunters International is one of the largest of these private contractors.  There are a few things that you should know before picking up any of these books.  1 – A direct quote from the book is:  “A vampire only sparkles when they’re on fire.”  And 2 – The MHI slogan is: “Evil Looms.  Cowboy Up.  Kill It.  Get Paid.”  So if this is off putting to you, then this book series is definitely not for you.

Larry fills his books with fantastic characters and makes the danger real.  I can tell you that there has been several times over the course of these five books that I had to stop for a minute, mainly because I could not believe that certain characters had died.  So all bets are off on survival rates.  These books are also filled with a very tongue in cheek approach to some of these creatures.  Larry’s elves, gnomes, and even interpretation of dragons made me laugh.  Despite all this though, I can honestly say that the MHI series is the best book series going right now.  It is an urban fantasy/pulp/action adventure/horror book.  And no I’m not making this up.   Most of the MHI books focus on Owen Pitt and his initiation into this unknown world.  In the opening of the very first book, his boss turns into a werewolf and attacks him.  Surviving the attack, Pitt is approached to try out for one of these contractors.  Book 3, Monster Hunter Alpha, focuses on Earl Harbinger, the current leader of MHI.  Earl’s solo adventure is against an Alpha werewolf and his army of werewolf zombies.

Book 5 focuses on Monster Control Bureau Agent Franks.  All I can say without giving away any spoilers is that Franks is the most dangerous person alive and he will punch anything and everything.  Creating a secret world history as well as secret societies buried within out own government, Larry has created a full world to immerse yourself in.  If your interested in reading some of the best written action that I’ve ever seen with a whole lot of blood, guts, and monsters, this is the series for you.

Just click on the covers below to go to their amazon pages.

Books 1-3 are available in one combined volume:

Or if you’d rather just get a taste here’s Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

And most recently released Book 5

So please check out these great books and enjoy.

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