Some Independence Day Reading

Hey out there, I thought with the 4th of July being upon us, that I would share some of my favorite books about our service men and women and the dangers they confront.  Click on any of the covers below to go to their Amazon page.

World War II buffs should enjoy:

Cornelius Ryan did a wonderful job of piecing together this great story that tells both the Allied and Axis sides of the events that transpired on June 6, 1944.  Combining interviews with military reports, Ryan brings to life the epic events that shaped the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

A Blood-Dimmed Tide is the story of the Battle of the Bulge from the US service men who were confronted by this last offensive push by Germany.

For those of you interested in the Vietnam War, then I can recommend one book above all the others that I have read.

Written by the man who led these soldiers into battle, and one of the journalists embedded with them, this book tells of the first US engagement with North Vietnamese soldiers.   An eye opening account of our first encounter with the enemy in a different war by the men who were there.

For those of you who have more modern tastes, then please pick up either:

Black Hawk Down is by far the best military book I have ever read.  It made me feel like I was in the midst of the action as US Special Forces fended off thousands of militant Somalians.

Or you can pick up:

House to House is the story of one American group of soldiers as they stormed into Fallujah Iraq.  Harrowing and eye-opening, this book gave a very real look at the recent war in Iraq.

Given that this is Independence Day, I would feel remiss to not mention at least one book that deals with the conflict that led to the birth of this nation.

Johnny Tremain, while a work of fiction, was a book that brought the Revolutionary War to life for me.  I’ve read a few non-fiction books relating to the events of the war, but Johnny Tremain is the book that always comes to mind whenever this time of year approaches.

So please feel free to read one of the books above or recommend your own in the comments section.  And to any members of our armed services, who may be reading this, thank you for what you do .  To any family of service members, thank you for supporting the men and women who support freedom.

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