Evil Dead (2013) Movie Review

Watched the newest Evil Dead this weekend.  It was great!  Both my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Most people are probably surprised by this because I am not a fan of the recent craze of remakes that have populated the horror genre over the past decade.  Most of these films change the entire film.  This Evil Dead, while changing the story and characters, was done in the spirit of the original film.  Also this movie is more of a sequel than a remake.  Sam Raimi and the gang have confirmed they want to make Army of Darkness 2, and then a sequel to the 2013 Evil Dead and then a final film to combine the new Evil Dead films with Ash’s story.  I know it’s great, take a break, try to calm down, and catch your breath, I know I had to. 

This film does offer a lot of scares and disturbing scenes.  Whereas the original film offered scares and terror it was tinged with Raimi’s comedic appeal.  Our updated Evil Dead is more brutal and gut-wrenching than the original with none of that tongue-in-cheek goodness.  The direction of newcomer Fede Alvarez is fantastic.  This is a well-crafted film.  Adding to the impact of the film is work of director of photography Aaron Morton.  Some of these shots are astounding.  Despite the horror going on, the beauty of the shots and how well framed everything was continued to amaze me. 

The film builds tension and the actors respond appropriately (enough) to the events around them.  Admittedly, people do some stupid things and terror ensues but what kind of horror film is about people pulling up to a house, saying “this looks creepy” and then driving away.  Several things that were absent from this film was the overtly strange nature of the events: Cheryl’s levitating, the destroyed bridge, and the need to dismember those possessed.  This film did a good job though of still presenting a supernatural menace.  The people gathered at the cabin are there to help a friend get off of drugs, they assume that the things occurring to her are the result of withdrawals.  By the time they realize that something truly evil is occurring, it is too late. 

SLIGHT SPOILERS:  So onto the good stuff, the film clearly establishes itself as a sequel at the end.  Ash’s car is broken down and covered with brush behind the cabin, but that could just be a wink to the fans of the original.  As the credits are rolling we hear the recording that Professor Knowby had made, the one that was played by the characters from the original film.  Cheryl can also slightly be heard.  However, we get a brief glimpse of Ash right after the credits.  SPOILERS END.

Overall, this film is great and I cannot wait for the sequel (to Army of Darkness or this).  This film is rated R for good reason (mainly bloody violence), but it is wonderful whether as a sequel or remake/reboot/reimagining.  So if you haven’t watched the original Evil Dead Films (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, & Army of Darkness) quit reading and watch them.  If you’re a fan of a good horror film, the original trilogy, or just want something new to watch this October, I can completely and whole-heartedly recommend this movie.  So thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.

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