Preparation, it comes in more varieties than just H

            I realize that I seem to travel in circles on this blog, at times, but I assure you it’s merely an off ramp onto a greater freeway of thought.  Speaking of freeways and thought, do you ever find yourself stuck in traffic daydreaming.  Not the normal daydreams about throttling the guy in front of you but you know good daydreams; daydreams that can form the basis for your creative endeavors.  Yes I am aware that I’ve written about daydreaming before, this however is different.  I think that writers, artists, filmmakers, and all you creative people out there should take a page from the Boy Scouts: Always be prepared. 

            I’ll just give you a brief example.  I keep a pad and pen in my car, beside my bed, beside my chair, and at my desk.  I do this so that when inspiration hits or some mundane object/occurrence sparks my imagination I can capture it.  You should also be prepared to keep your ideas for when you need them.  Other people will call themselves and leave a voicemail on their phones so that the idea will be there when they need it.  Others invest the money in voice recorders, a good investment, provided you take the time to listen and copy your ideas down as opposed to erasing them without listening.  A friend of mine is a software developer and he keeps a journal of graph paper handy for when ideas strike him.  Maybe you shouldn’t just dismiss what I’m saying out of hand because you think it doesn’t apply to you.  I think most people could benefit from some method of keeping their thoughts preserved fresh out of the old brainpan. 

            I do this because to me, I’m less likely to forget an idea when it’s written down than try and remember it until I get somewhere to write it down.  With my luck, I’ll get distracted by a shiny object and then forget what I was going to write down.  Also the original idea may not be suitable for your purposes but you can often take pieces of that idea and come up with multiple ideas.  On more than one occasion have I written down a fragment of dialogue or action that popped into my mind only for it be recycled into a different idea or a portion of it form the basis for a story all its own. 

            So there you have it, my little bit of advice for the bored who are sitting in traffic wanting to throttle the guy in front of them.  Enjoy your commute and remember a pad and a pen make a great time waster when the multitude of cars in front of you just won’t move. 

Legal Disclaimer.-Lagomorph Flix does not endorse driving while distracted under any reason.  Please maintain eyes on the road at all times and hands at ten and two.

About lagomorphflix

Hey everybody, I'm a writer/ amateur filmmaker. I'm looking to go professional and always looking for ways to reach new audiences. So please feel free, take a read and let me know what you think.
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