Do You Believe in Magic?

            Hello out there in the blogosphere.  I am a big fan of the Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson (, for anyone who hasn’t read these may I suggest that you start.  I just finished the thirteenth book, Ground Zero, and encountered an interesting concept.  It is called the Noosphere or the sphere of human thought (for more go to  This sphere has grown as the complexity of human society and interaction between sentient creatures has grown.  It has thus formed a physical manifestation of itself in these stories.  I’ll not go further down the road of those books to avoid any spoilers.  What struck me as wonderful is the manifestation of thought into a physical realm as opposed to the astral or metaphysical realm.  A prime example of this being Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare onElm Street series.  His attacks in the subconscious or dream world lead to real results in the physical world. 

            I realize that this is all conjecture but I don’t mind.  The concept that through sheer force of will/belief can give physical manifestation to an ethereal concept is fascinating.  There are several philosophical beliefs throughout the world that believe there are symbols that can hone will/belief into a physical form.  True most of this takes place in fiction but the beliefs are there.

There are a plethora of people who claim to believe in ghosts.  We often credit people with letting their imagination run away with them if they see something that is not normal or they misidentified something.  People who believe their house is haunted and tend to occasionally see things, it may have been their imagination but who’s to say that they did not actually conjure a brief physical manifestation of their belief. 

            Have you ever awaken from a dream and not been able to tell immediately if it was a dream or real?  Have you ever awaken from a dream and your heart pounding mile a minute from real fear?  So who’s to say just how real those are?  When I was a child I was once told if you ever dream you’re falling you will wake up before you hit bottom because if you don’t you’ll die from a heart attack.  Having had dreams where I was falling and waking up to find myself in an adrenaline fueled state of consciousness, I believe it.  (Science may not back me up on that one, but I’m not a scientist so it’s okay.)  So at what point is it real or imagined and at which point do we merely boil it down to perception (Plato’s description of the cave anyone)?

            I’m not saying right or wrong, but it’s a nugget of thought for you to chew on.  Of course you can’t chew on thought unless it manifests physically, did you see what I did there?

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