Just juggling in my mind

            I’m currently working on several projects trying to juggle the ideas and voices of these projects.  Which is easier to do than I thought it would be.  So let me tell you what I have going on right now.  I’ve started a new creative writing project which I hope will become my second completed (even if unpublished) novel.  (Quick sidebar:  I’m currently looking for literary agents who are seeking my writings to represent and I’m also looking for publishers I can deal with directly who have decent reputations, so that’s where I am on publishing the first one.)  I’m also working on a feature film treatment for a vampire story I’ve been playing with for a few years (for those who don’t know what a  treatment is I’ll do that in a later blog).  Finally, as I talked about in my last blog I am also developing an idea for a series (web or television based). 

            Sounds confusing keeping it all straight right?  Well fortunately, I have been able to keep them all straight because I’m at different phases with all of them.  My creative writing project is in the first draft phase, so I basically pour every idea in my mind onto the page and worry about what fits and what doesn’t fit later and the fact that I’m only 21 pages in helps keep it fresh.  I haven’t written enough down to get it confused.  My treatment has moved out of the outline stage and now I’m fleshing the story out before I commit it to script form so I can determine if I think the story has the meat on it to survive a script format.  And with the series project, well I’ve already created the lore/mythos/backstory, pick which one you want to call it and I’ve also done major story arc plot points.  So I still have a few steps to go, for instance trying to determine how long I want a “season” to be.  Once that’s done I can get to writing specific episodes.

            Also let me just say that I keep notes like you wouldn’t believe.  I email ideas to myself, I also keep a journal with me almost everywhere I go so that I can jot down ideas.  If I don’t have a journal, I’ll call and leave myself a voicemail (a trick I picked up from my wife).  If you put more than one iron in the fire make sure that you don’t get the notes mixed up, that could take some of the steam out of your project.  So be sure you can keep your ideas straight and record them before they fly out of your ear. 

            Finally, I’d have to say that the most challenging aspect is to divide your time reasonably.  I try to do that as best I can while working a 40 hour a week desk job.  However I find it difficult sometimes.  With the writing project, I try to capture between 500 to 1,000 words a day.  My treatment, I take my basic outline with my plot points and decide which point I want to get to tonight.  The series is the easiest to do because I’m still trying to plot out characters and events so that I’m not having to do much more than keep a timeline to determine events and in what order they should occur.

            I realize this may seem a little confusing but welcome down the radioactive rabbit hole into the landscape of my mind.  Still this is how I keep it going and don’t have massive mind explosion from idea backup.  Also my wife says I have ADD so it’s good for me to have a couple of escapes so I can switch when I get bored or see something shiny.

About lagomorphflix

Hey everybody, I'm a writer/ amateur filmmaker. I'm looking to go professional and always looking for ways to reach new audiences. So please feel free, take a read and let me know what you think.
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