Just a quick opinion

            Hello again my friends.  Today I’m going to do something a little different than what I’ve done before and that is to ask your opinion about something.  I’ve been developing an idea for a couple of years now and it’s something that I would like to develop into a web series or tv series (provided I can get the funding once I’ve finished writing it).

            It’s a concept that mixes the concepts of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural series.  I’m not wanting to give too much of the story away, but needless to say you have a young trained individual who hunts monsters in a certain locale.  Now this person has been moved into an active status to replace a fallen hunter.  Now for a pilot episode, I actually thought about showing the last hunters final adventure, which would lead into the new hunter being called up. 

            So since I just spilled the beans on that (kinda), would that be something that you as a possible audience member would like?  I’m asking because there are other options that I thought about exploring but I felt this would introduce the audience to the world, but shake it up enough to where the life expectancy of characters was not guaranteed.  So please leave your thoughts on the subject and let me know what you think.

About lagomorphflix

Hey everybody, I'm a writer/ amateur filmmaker. I'm looking to go professional and always looking for ways to reach new audiences. So please feel free, take a read and let me know what you think.
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1 Response to Just a quick opinion

  1. greg says:

    well i think it would work i like the idea but i think you could also use that as a future look back episode like start the “pilot” with the new hunter and not give a whole lot of the “story” away kinda leave them wondering and do little flash back scenes in future episodes???????

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