Good DVDs for Halloween

            Halloween is one week closer.  I consider myself to somewhat of an aficionado on horror films and while I haven’t seen most that have come out in the past five years, it’s because I’ve found better fare on DVD than I have in theaters.  Mainly because I’m frustrated at the craze in remakes, however I am looking forward to Wes Craven’s new My Soul to Take.  I loved the first Saw and just didn’t find the same spark in the sequels and have not gone back.  I also am not a big fan of the torture film or the gross for the sake of being gross (Human Centipede for example).  However I am not denying that these films should not be made, I just don’t want to spend my money to watch them so I don’t.  There are some good films to be picked up at your local video rental store/Netflix/Red Box/whatever, and most of them were not big theater openings or unfortunately did not perform well in the box office.

            Hatchet is the first of these films that I would recommend, the sequel was just recently put into AMC theaters and then pulled the same weekend, but if you like slasher films and want to hearken back to a time when plot was simple: 1) you are here, 2) killer is here, and that equals 3) you are going to die.  It also has a wonderful cast in it.  Kane Hodder (most notably famous for his role as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th 6 all the way through Jason X) plays the slasher role of Victor Crowley the boogeyman of the bayou as it were.  This film is graphic and violent but man is it fun.  It’s definitely a rejuvenating shot into the dwindling slasher series.  You can check out the trailer on and you should definitely check out Hatchet for a bloody good time.

In the Mouth of Madness is a little older of a film, it was released in the mid-90’s and is perfect for anyone who is a fan of Lovecraftian horror.  John Carpenter directed this film (you should see it for that if nothing else) and Sam Neil (of Jurassic Park 1 & 3) stars in this tale that leads you wondering what is real and what is false.  This film definitely captures the sense of outer forces and things beneath the surface that man is better left not knowing that is signature to a good Lovecraft tale.  The ending of this film is one of the best endings I’ve seen in a long time.  So if you want something more subtle and less graphic than most modern day horror this piece is fantastic and if you are Lovecraft enthusiast and have not seen this then it’s a must watch.  If you don’t know who H.P. Lovecraft is please go pick up a book of his works and thank me later.

            Trick R’ Treat is one that was going to be released theatrically and then was put on the direct to DVD track.  This is one of the finest anthology horror films since Creepshow 1 & 2.  This is not a person telling a story or reading a book these are stories that are taking place in the same town on Halloween night at different times and places during the evening.  However you can see the progression of time with characters who are main players in one story appearing in the background of others.  It’s fairly scary with mainly jump out at you scares and deals with the undead, serial killers, werewolves and a little bit of the spirit of Halloween.  There are several references to the traditions of Halloween and the penalty for not following them can be lethal.  So check it out and settle in for a good night of entertainment.

            So there you have it 3 films that are on DVD that cater to different lovers of horror from the classic Lovecraft to the modern day slasher to those who want diversity in their stories.  So I hope you check these films out and turn off the lights and remember just tell yourself there’s no such thing as the boogeyman.

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