The Expendables movie review

            I went to the theaters last Friday (opening day) to see this movie.  I realize that most people are a little bit hesitant because some of these guys are getting up in age and have been starring in action movies since the early and mid 80’s.  That being said I’m glad enough people went out to the box office to make this movie #1.  So I’ll just go ahead and tell you, this was my most anticipated film of the summer and it did not disappoint.  This is definitely a guy flick, and was made to be one and it hearkens back to a simpler time in action films where you have bad guys, a smaller number of good guys, explosions, and lots of guns.  It did not try to be clever like the Bourne films, or the Ocean’s Eleven film series.  It took the better approach for this type of film and was straight in your face from the beginning.  The cast was excellent.  Stallone is down from his Rocky Balboa/Rambo weight to the less beefy action size that he used to be and he looked great in the film.

            The action scenes in this film are well choreographed and done great.  My favorite fight scene was between Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li, mainly because Dolph Lundgren called Jet Li “Happy Feet.”  Some of the fights in this film are brutal.  Sylvester Stallone and Stone Cold Steve Austin particularly have a vicious fight scene.  And in the fight that made people cheer MMA champion Randy Couture vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Jason Statham and Jet Li comprised the martial arts men of the squad.  Terry Crews and Randy Couture were the heavy hitters of the team given their physique.  The gunfights in this film are epic, which is not surprising given the cast of this film.  For the end of the film, the Expendables take on a small army (it just wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise). 

            So if you want to see an action film that exceeds the standard quota for broken necks and bullet wounds, then this is the movie for you.  I realize a lot of people were surprised that The Expendables beat Julia Robert’s Eat Pray Love, but people need to remember that Rambo (the fourth film in that franchise) was #1 when it opened as well.  As this weekend begins I’m considering going to see the movie again, to help it keep at #1.  So come on guys or gals, or gals who want to take their guys to a movie they’ll love, this movie is great and you should enjoy in the awesomeness.

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