Predators (movie review)

Predators was an awesome movie.  It did what the previous 2 Alien vs. Predator films did not do and expand upon the Predators.  It had great action, great special effects, and a great action script.  If you are wanting a cerebral film, well then why are you going to see this film.  Based on a script by Robert Rodriguez (who also produced), this film takes the story closer to the original film and bypasses any Predator 2 references.  Of course it does reference Dutch (Arnold from the first film) and his first encounter with the Predator. 

            This film does not see the standard Predator hunting humans, these predators are bigger and meaner and have different weaponry.  The classic Predator does make an appearance, but the main Predators of the film hunt the smaller, classic Predator in some kind of feud.  When I say the weaponry is different, it is still the shoulder cannon, wrist blades, and mask but they are different than the weapons seen in the first 2 Predator films.  The movie is also not set on Earth but an alien planet that the Predators use to hunt different prey that they capture and drop onto the planet.  In this case, there are the humans and other alien species.  These Predators also use some spiked quadruped as a hunting dog. 

            The cast of this film is impressive.  Adrien Brody (Splice), Danny Trejo (Devil’s Rejects), and Topher Grace (That 70’s Show) are joined by several other actors that comprise the group of humans brought on to be the latest hunt.  Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) plays Noland a man who has spent “10 seasons” on the planet and does a wonderful job as a crazy Air Calvary soldier.  I am a Robert Rodriguez fan and tend to like most everything he has turned out, but the only problem I had with this film is Adrien Brody.  He did a great job and is completely believable in the role, but given his other roles I have trouble buying him as the action hero.

            I have heard some complaints that this film is just a Predator remake, and while I don’t agree with that I understand why people may make the claim.  They do certain things that are seen in the first film but they are done because of the success that Dutch had against the first one,  which they were informed of.  One thing that really sets this film apart is the diversity of the cast.  The first film you had the cohesive military unit, where this film you have killers (soldiers, serial killers, cartel enforcers, and Yakuza) who are not a cohesive unit trying to adapt to this situation. 

            One of the best scenes in this film that I absolutely loved was the when the Yakuza wielding a katana stands in a field of grass and sword fights with a Predator using only his wrist blade.  So if you like the original Predator this film will be perfect for you.  If you are a Robert Rodriguez fan, this movie is another great example of his genius.  If you are new to the Predator’s solo films, then please ignore the AVP films and watch this movie.  You can see what kind of awesomeness that the AVP films did not succeed in bringing to the screen.

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