Last Chance

Operation Ice Bat is a collection of short horror stories. It is currently $2.99 for the Kindle, but tomorrow, October 1st it will be disappearing forever. So pick up this collection today. Below is the synopsis and if you are interested in getting a copy, then click on the cover at the bottom of this post. The collection is edited by Brian Keen, who you may remember from my previous post: Brian Keene: Icon of Horror.

From the page: Some of the horror genre’s biggest names join forces with talented newcomers for a benefit anthology to aid a friend in need. Edited by World Horror Grandmaster award winner Brian Keene, Operation Ice Bat includes horror and bizarro fiction from authors such as Christopher Golden, Kelli Owen, James A. Moore, Mary SanGiovanni, Robert Swartwood, J.F. Gonzalez, Mandy DeGeit, Robert Ford, Geoff Cooper, and many more.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back for more information about what I’m working on and other fun things I find in my travels.

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The rundown of what I’ve been doing.

Hello out there. Sorry I haven’t written in a little bit. Ever since Dragoncon things have been a bit hectic. I’m settling down in a new job, so that takes some time. Also I’m currently working a few new stories.

I know that’s what you want to hear about. So I’ll go ahead and tell you. Friedkin’s Curse: A Werewolf Tale of Terror is currently at the editors and I hope to be releasing an updated Kindle version as well as a paperback edition. More details on that as it happens.

I’ve been talking for a little bit now two short stories that I’m hoping to have out next year. Currently, the vampire short that I hope to have out next month is in the hands of my Alpha reader. The second Richard Rex story will be sent, once I’ve received the vampire story back. I would give you more regarding titles, but I haven’t settled on the right one just yet.

For those fans of Lollipop Jones & Pecan Sandie, you can expect to see more of the daring detective duo next month. I don’t want to give away any spoilers on this one, let me just say this is by far the biggest adventure I’ve planned for these two. So keep checking back to see what craziness they get swept up in.

Not to mention, I’m making a run through the third Winston & Baum novel so that I can have it ready by next year. So as you can see, it’s a busy time.

With your support, we’ll make the next 12 months, the most productive that the radioactive rabbit has seen yet. Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back for release informaiton on the aforementioned projects.

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Need Something to do this Labor Day Weekend

Hello everyone. I just wanted to drop a message to everyone about two fun things going on during Labor Day weekend.

First, there is Dragoncon, the Southeast’s largest Pop Culture convention. Taking up the five hotels near the Peachtree Center Downtown, Dragoncon offers a great deal of different things to different people. There is a vendors building for those that want to shop, or you can check out one of the numerous panels. If you are looking for books and authors, there will be plenty of both available at the con. Even some of your favorite people from the world of comics and movies. Don’t believe me, then just check out their guest’s page.

I will be at Dragoncon helping my talented wife in the Dragoncon Art Show. You can also pick up autographed copies of my Winston & Baum books at her table. So if you’re in town stop by and say hey, or pick some art and books.

If you aren’t into the whole pop culture convention scene, but want something fun to do, then go check out the AJC Decatur Book Festival. The AJC Decatur Book Festival is the largest independent book festival in the country and one of the five largest overall. You can meet a lot of great authors or purchase books from any number of booksellers. If you do decide to go, please stop by and see my friends J.K. Barber. This husband and wife duo have written a great fantasy series called the Chronicles of Aronshoe, and have just released the first volume of their next series, set in a mermaid society. They’ll also have copies of their individual titles. So please stop by and say hey to them, or if you can’t but are interested in their books, just click the cover below.

I hope that you can at least make it out to one of these great events. For more information about Dragoncon visit: For the AJC Decatur Book Festival visit:

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Another great signing

I just wanted to write and tell everyone that could not make it out that last Friday night at the Hiram Bookstore was a lot of fun. We got to meet some really nice people, and sold some books. For those that are interested in an autographed copy of either Winston & Baum and the Secret of the Stone Cirle (Book 1) or Winston & Baum and the 7 Mummies of Sekhmet (Book 2), several autographed copies of each book are still available at the Hiram Bookstore.

I would like to thank Lexus and Bryan, the bookstore staff, for taking such good care of us and providing us with a nice shop in which to introduce Winston & Baum to a new community. Also a big thank you to Cheeseburger Bobby’s, Yogli Mogli, and Gater Games in Hiram. These nearby businesses allowed us to pass out fliers, business cards, and bookmarks to their patrons.

Please keep checking back to see where I’ll be next, and if you are near Hiram, drop into the Hiram Bookstore and pick up your autographed copy today. Already have an autographed copy drop by anyway, it’s a nice bookstore that I would highly recommend. Thanks for checking in and hope to be in a bookstore near you soon.

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Brian Keene: Icon of Horror

A little over 10 years ago, I picked up a zombie book called The Rising. By a first time novelist, Brian Keene. The book was quite possibly one of the best novels I had ever read. I immediately became of fan Keene and his style. In the decade since, I have read most of his works and enjoyed them all. Some more than others, but they have all been enjoyable.

This past weekend at Monsteramacon here in Atlanta, I had the pleasure to meet this man who has given me so many hours of enjoyment with his novels. Meeting people you respect is always daunting, because there is a little trepidation that they will not be fan friendly. I can say that this was not the case. As soon as the con opened on Saturday we were at his table and he spent a good 20 minutes talking with us. Not only did he take the time to actually converse with us, he is a very genuine person. While being an icon of horror fiction, he also is a fan, as one would expect. He would hear us mention a book we liked and recommend a book by another author that we would most likely enjoy. It was only a few minutes before we stopped looking at him as this monolith of monsters and we were just four fans talking about the genre.

Keene writes believable characters that connect with his audience.  In Dark Hollow and the sequel Ghost Walk, he uses actual folklore beliefs from his native upstate Pennsylvania.  So if you’ve never read any of Keene’s stuff then click on the covers below.  As for my recommendations: if you love zombies then you should definitely read his Rising series, it’s one of the most original zombie concepts I’ve ever seen. Not to mention a fantastic book. My favorite books of his are Dark Hollow, Ghost Walk, and Ghoul. Truthfully, I haven’t read a book of his that I didn’t like though.  If you’re a Keene fan and get the chance to meet him, you should definitely take advantage of  the opportunity.

The Rising Series by Keene

Dark Hollow and the Sequel Ghost Walk (also available in one volume as LeHorn’s Hollow)


Earthworm Gods

To view all his works go to Brian Keene amazon page.

I even had the pleasure of getting a photo with Keene.

w Brian keene

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Friends, a big help even when you don’t know you need it.

Hello all, I’ll keep this blog rather short and simple.  One of the biggest helps I’ve had in this whole authoring adventure has been one of my best friends, Chris.

As seen here, totally not hearing imaginary voices.

As seen here, totally not hearing imaginary voices.

Chris is actually a big reason most of you have the opportunity to read my stuff.  After I had written Friedkin’s Curse: A Werewolf Tale of Terror, I was shopping it around and getting tired of receiving rejection letters from agents, publishers, and other such individuals.  I was aware of ebooks and the Kindle, but was ignorant on the finer points of them.  It was Chris who told me about Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), where an independent author can publish directly to the Kindle.  This gave me an avenue to publish, it was through KDP that I learned about Createspace, where I have my books actually brought into the physical realm.

Another reason that I give Chris so much credit for my (mis)adventures in professional writing; after I finished a beast of a manuscript that I keep locked in my closet, because it took too much out of me for me to want to go back and look at it right now (one day, one day I will).  Not wanting to stop writing, I was not sure what I should do.  I wanted something that was fun and not so heavy.  Chris suggested I give steampunk a try.  He thought my sense of action would fit in nicely with the genre.  Needless to say, Winston & Baum were born out of this advice.

So one of the best tips that I can provide to someone is to listen to their friends.  Whether you know it or not, sometimes a simple bit of advice can lead you down a brand new path.  Given that I have 2 published Winston & Baum books with 3 more planned, I can say that these books may have never come about it not for a simple suggestion made by someone who just thought I’d like it.

Listen with open ears, because it’s as important as writing with a vivid imagination.  And to my buddy, Chris thanks.

I know what you're wandering, and yes this was Arbor Day.

I know what you’re wandering, and yes this was Arbor Day.

To all you friends out there, keep making suggestions and being the awesome people that you are.

Also don’t forget, I have a book signing August 8 from 5-8 at the Hiram Bookstore, would love to see you there.

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My next appearance

Here is the flyer that my ever talented cover artist and wife did for my upcoming book signing in Hiram.  If you can, it would be nice to see you.  Anyway without further ado, my flyer (copy & paste it onto your social media, or print it and pass out to friends).  Keep checking back for more information on where I’ll be appearing.

All the information you could want.

All the information you could want.

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Save the Date: 8/8

Hello again friends. I wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing a book signing in Hiram at Hiram Books. This will be on Friday August 8th from 5pm-8pm. I will be signing both books in the Winston & Baum Steampunk Adventure series. This is the first book signing for Winston & Baum and the Seven Mummies of Sekhmet. Winston & Baum and the Secret of the Stone Circle will also be available for purchase. So spread the word and I hope to see everyone there.

Hiram Books can be found on Facebook at:


Hiram Books is located at 5077 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy #109, Hiram, GA 30141. They are right beside Cheeseburger Bobby’s, so stop for a bite to eat and then walk on down and get an awesome book. Hope to see you there.

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The Expendables meet C’thulhu

Did I just grab your attention with that title?  Good.   Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International (MHI) series is definitely Expendables meeting the world of Lovecraft with lots of other monsters thrown in for good measure.

The MHI series takes place in a world where the governments of the world cover up the existence of monsters and other dimensional beings.  While the government has the Monster Control Bureau, there is a private sector of organizations that hunt and destroy these monsters for bounties, also offered by the governments of the world.  Monster Hunters International is one of the largest of these private contractors.  There are a few things that you should know before picking up any of these books.  1 – A direct quote from the book is:  “A vampire only sparkles when they’re on fire.”  And 2 – The MHI slogan is: “Evil Looms.  Cowboy Up.  Kill It.  Get Paid.”  So if this is off putting to you, then this book series is definitely not for you.

Larry fills his books with fantastic characters and makes the danger real.  I can tell you that there has been several times over the course of these five books that I had to stop for a minute, mainly because I could not believe that certain characters had died.  So all bets are off on survival rates.  These books are also filled with a very tongue in cheek approach to some of these creatures.  Larry’s elves, gnomes, and even interpretation of dragons made me laugh.  Despite all this though, I can honestly say that the MHI series is the best book series going right now.  It is an urban fantasy/pulp/action adventure/horror book.  And no I’m not making this up.   Most of the MHI books focus on Owen Pitt and his initiation into this unknown world.  In the opening of the very first book, his boss turns into a werewolf and attacks him.  Surviving the attack, Pitt is approached to try out for one of these contractors.  Book 3, Monster Hunter Alpha, focuses on Earl Harbinger, the current leader of MHI.  Earl’s solo adventure is against an Alpha werewolf and his army of werewolf zombies.

Book 5 focuses on Monster Control Bureau Agent Franks.  All I can say without giving away any spoilers is that Franks is the most dangerous person alive and he will punch anything and everything.  Creating a secret world history as well as secret societies buried within out own government, Larry has created a full world to immerse yourself in.  If your interested in reading some of the best written action that I’ve ever seen with a whole lot of blood, guts, and monsters, this is the series for you.

Just click on the covers below to go to their amazon pages.

Books 1-3 are available in one combined volume:

Or if you’d rather just get a taste here’s Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

And most recently released Book 5

So please check out these great books and enjoy.

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Some Independence Day Reading

Hey out there, I thought with the 4th of July being upon us, that I would share some of my favorite books about our service men and women and the dangers they confront.  Click on any of the covers below to go to their Amazon page.

World War II buffs should enjoy:

Cornelius Ryan did a wonderful job of piecing together this great story that tells both the Allied and Axis sides of the events that transpired on June 6, 1944.  Combining interviews with military reports, Ryan brings to life the epic events that shaped the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

A Blood-Dimmed Tide is the story of the Battle of the Bulge from the US service men who were confronted by this last offensive push by Germany.

For those of you interested in the Vietnam War, then I can recommend one book above all the others that I have read.

Written by the man who led these soldiers into battle, and one of the journalists embedded with them, this book tells of the first US engagement with North Vietnamese soldiers.   An eye opening account of our first encounter with the enemy in a different war by the men who were there.

For those of you who have more modern tastes, then please pick up either:

Black Hawk Down is by far the best military book I have ever read.  It made me feel like I was in the midst of the action as US Special Forces fended off thousands of militant Somalians.

Or you can pick up:

House to House is the story of one American group of soldiers as they stormed into Fallujah Iraq.  Harrowing and eye-opening, this book gave a very real look at the recent war in Iraq.

Given that this is Independence Day, I would feel remiss to not mention at least one book that deals with the conflict that led to the birth of this nation.

Johnny Tremain, while a work of fiction, was a book that brought the Revolutionary War to life for me.  I’ve read a few non-fiction books relating to the events of the war, but Johnny Tremain is the book that always comes to mind whenever this time of year approaches.

So please feel free to read one of the books above or recommend your own in the comments section.  And to any members of our armed services, who may be reading this, thank you for what you do .  To any family of service members, thank you for supporting the men and women who support freedom.

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